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Associative life

The Always Young:

For many years the association has been welcoming to the rural center on the first and third Thursday of each month, with the exception of July and August, around forty retirees. In a friendly atmosphere, they participate in the various activities that the association offers them.


Friends of the RPI:

The president and her team continue to help RPI schools through the many events they organize during the school year. If the sanitary situation allows it, we will find the fair, the market and the Christmas snack, the afternoon "guénels" and many other activities


Kermesse du RPI Pernes Conteville le 10/06/22

The animation committee

This beautiful association hopes to be able to organize during the year, the flea market, the feast of the neighbors, the craft market and creative hobbies, the plant market, the walk of the course of the heart and the meal of the village.

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